“Cloudscraper’s Purpose is to empower all parties by providing a single unified ecosystem that facilitates secure standard and efficient communication and deal processes throughout the depth of the commercial real estate industry, whilst providing a hub for integration with existing systems and platforms.”

- Moses Gottlieb, Executive Chairman




Feb 2015



Platform development


Beta testing in stealth mode

Feb 2018

Full European platform launch


Platform growth: Threefold

Q3 2019

North America service launch

Q4 2019

Asia service launch



22 Lisson Grove, London, NW1 6TT

United Kingdom


Terenure Enterprise Centre,
17 Rathfarnham Road Terenure, Dublin D6W YW11



18ten Stock, Eurotheum,
Neue Mainzer Strasse 66, 60311 Frankfurt Am Main


“The complexities of building Cloudscraper are extensive as we really have broken exciting new ground. Our aim is to respect the essence and tradition of the industry and its processes, whilst evolutionarily digitising them into a single and unified solution.”

Martin Sekel

co-Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Technology Officer

“While the technology may have changed, the way people work has not – Cloudscraper allows all parts of the sum to connect easily, communicate and exchange data with minimal fuss, saving both time and money. We have adopted a holistic approach to everything we do to network and connect the real estate industry on a platform that will change the landscape forever.”

Eran Baram

co-Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Operating Officer

“The commercial real estate industry is set to undergo massive change and Cloudscraper will lead from the front. While technology is already demonstrably impacting property markets, the institutional world is tremendously lagging. Professionals are desperately looking to find ways of utilising technology to make things quicker, easier, more accurate and cost effective.”

Matthew Webster CFA.


“The future of the industry is about frictionless processes. The Cloudscraper Exchange enables governance and trust. Cherishing data reduce risks & will eliminate inefficiency and will be the key driver for deal processes. This is a generational change moment in history... The global real estate universe will expand substantially leading to an exponential expansion in opportunities.”

Rawle Howard

Global Head Of Capital Markets